Inspired by @bobbyhundreds This was a funny prank to me because 1) my friends have begged me to stop sending them text forwards and 2) my group of friends is very bitchy.
  1. Alison
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  2. Nadia
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    Nadia called me out on how I would die before having to confront someone.
  3. Sydney
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  4. Maddie
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  5. Ben
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    This one was sad! Sorry Ben!! I love you the most.
  6. Elena
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    We aren't over the "Screw you, Jake" video
  7. Hala
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  8. Drake
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    Every forward comes to his phone is 7 texts and he gets so mad about it.
  9. Jarret
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  10. Kanak
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    Shilpa stole my fun on this one
  11. Shilpa
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  12. Jesse
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    People really want me to stop sending them chain forwards.