I'm so screwed
  1. Look up other possible professions
    I could do ____ right? That's easier than med school!
  2. Decide I'm going to be healthy and obsessively start meal planning/looking up recipes/contemplate getting a juicer
    And then immediately close all tabs and do nothing with my research
  3. Call a friend and tell them to meet me at a cafe and we can "study" together
    Aka gossiping about all mutual friends with books open nearby
  4. Obsessively call/text/email/tweet Ben
    With the excuse that I need to put in effort in long distance friendships
  5. Sleep
    Doesn't matter where
  6. Make study food
  7. Watch tv
    One 22 min episode
  8. Make lists that only Ben is going to read
    Hi, Ben. I'm not studying right now. Should I become an accountant and call it a day?
  9. Watch people in my study area
    "The median age in Tucson is 74" true.
  10. Calculate grades in all classes and panic
  11. Online shop
    This is why you have so many packages from me
  12. Stalk celebs on List App and feel like I know them personally