Inspired by @semioccasional
    I have been thinking about this test every second of every day and on June 2nd it will be over.
  2. Applying to med school
    Applications are fun and it will be nice to put my 3 years of work down on paper.
  3. Applying to other schools.
    Gotta keep those options open.
  4. @benhorwitz 's bday!
    If you come home for your bday this year it will be the third bday we get to spend together and that means so much to me. No pressure on coming home though.
  5. Pool
  6. Sun
  7. Last summer before college is over. 😳
  8. I love summer in Tucson. It's hot and lazy and fun and my good friends come home and my obnoxious friends leave.
  9. Hmm. I should look forward to more but that's it.