1. Play a concert at the electric factory
  2. Create an animated short for Nickelodeon
  3. Write an unknown but powerfully inspirational book of poems
  4. Provide hope for hopeless teenagers
  5. Show a child they are everything to the future
  6. Build something with my hands that provides my family with excessively long life
  7. I'd like to live at least a full century so I can see the fruits of the timeline in which I currently live
  8. I want to see a planet through a telescope
  9. Understand and process what it is like to touch something I'll never hold
  10. Feel comfortable knowing I'll never set foot beyond Earth
  11. Explain the principals of light on molecular surfaces and not take: "it can't" for an answer
  12. Be aware of when I cut my own shadows from my heels with a wisdom that you can only explain when you get to choose to give your shadow away