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Because I don't like the texture or the way it tastes. Everybody has something they don't like. I actually have a child who doesn't like shrimp. Crazy. Another one doesn't like coconut.
  1. Jello. Awful, nasty stuff. You chew and chew and still it won't go down. Horrible! Jello salads are even worse.
  2. Cherry flavored anything. Too sickey sweet. I gag every time I take NyQuil. I was informed recently that NyQuil comes in pill form. YES!
  3. Peanuts. Why ruin a perfectly good dish by putting peanuts in it. Peanut butter-good. Peanuts-not good. I spend the next two days getting peanuts out stuck between my teeth. Hate them.
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  1. Pasta Bella in Fredericksburg, the #3
  2. Carne Asada @ Hilda's.
  3. Swiss mushroom burger @ Porkys.
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  1. Having dinner with friends
  2. Opening a really, really good bottle of wine!
  3. Rain, blessed rain
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  1. The Devil Wears Prada. Love Meryl Streep in this.
  2. Legend. Tom Cruise. Enough said.
  3. Hairspray. I absolutely love to sing along with this movie. My husband will leave the room, yes!, when I watch this movie.
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