1. A piece of your favorite clothing fresh out of the dryer
  2. Remembering where you misplaced something
  3. A friend who can read your thoughts
  4. A warm beverage on a very cold day
  5. Watching a favorite TV show
  6. Everyone cheering you on
  7. A song that understands exactly how you feel
  8. Taking care of your health
  9. A fragrance that reminds you of a cherished memory
  10. Listening before speaking
  11. Colors
  12. Sharing a delicious dish
  13. A well kept garden
  14. Getting lost in a good book
  15. Walking amongst nature
  16. Fresh bed sheets after a warm shower
  17. Hearing "I love you" and knowing it's true
  18. Traveling to new places, experiences and people
  19. Acceptance
  20. A lifelong commitment to yourself