With Halloween on the horizon this feels like a good one to start with
  1. Ilana Glazer from Broad City
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    Halloween 2015
  2. Joan Rivers
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    Halloween 2014 - Nobody knew who I was until I told them, but I'm still pretty proud of this one.
  3. Miss Frizzle
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    Halloween 2013 - Linda picked out all our costumes for us this year. That's a lizard doll on my shoulder.
  4. Mighty Ducks team member
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    Halloween 2013 - these were the costumes we wore out to the bar on Halloween night (instead of at our Halloween party that weekend). I already owned the jersey so I just needed to find a helmet that day.
  5. Jason Schwartzman from Rushmore
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    Lawson's Wes Anderson themed birthday party
  6. Clementine from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Halloween 2012 - No pictures exist because this one did not turn out well. I basically wore an ill fitted orange hoodie and sprayed my hair with blue hair color. My hair didn't look blue and again, nobody knew who I was.
  7. Daphne from Scooby Doo
    Halloween 2010 - this was my senior year of college and while most of the girls at the party I went to either didn't wear a costume or wore a sexy store bought costume (sexy peacock was my fav), I wore a purple short dress I already owned, a green scarf, and tacky white heels. My most distinct memory of the night was getting slightly tipsy and then "drunk texting" my crush in hopes of some flirting happening.
  8. A speed bump
    Halloween 2007 - Unfortunately I have no pictures of this one. This is tragic because it might be my all time favorite costume. I wore a yellow tee shirt and yellow sweatpants that I had painted tire tracks on by spray painting my tires black and then driving over the clothes. Many people thought I was rotten banana. Who cares. Coolest costume to date.
  9. Tinkerbell
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    I was little and that's my mom as Captain Hook.