Inspired by @onlinealison
  1. Theology/Divinity grad student
    The reasons why this guy is so appealing to me are complex. It's partly because I grew up super religious so the ties to that part of my life can be comforting. Or that these guys are often passionate about faith but not conservative or preachy. Or that guys with degrees turn me on. Or that they are often social justice minded! The prestige of going to a school like Vanderbilt without the douchery of doing your undergrad at Vanderbilt.
  2. Chef
    I can't think of anything sexier than going over to a professional chef's apt and him cooking for just the two of us.
  3. Hair stylist
    I know this sounds like a fantasy, but I have matched with straight male hairstylists on Tinder. What a dream!!! To date someone that can do your hair???
  4. Drummer
    I have a hard time envisioning a reality in which a drummer and I could actually make it work. But that doesn't make them any less hot!! Those arms 💪🏽! I picture him all tatted up, probably with gauges in his ears. We match on Tinder on a night where I'm feeling adventurous and he's feeling real lonely. We hang out in private and talk a lot on our first date, but then the relationship dies on the second date when we go out in public and realize how truly mismatched we are.
  5. Lawyer
    Here's the thing, I find bros soooo unattractive. However, there is something so inherently appealing about a law student/lawyer. The book smarts, the potential for a lot of money, the social prestige. So if I can find a social justice-y minded, non bro lawyer, that would be 😉👌🏽
  6. Adventure dater
    Ok, not someone who likes to go on "adventures." BLECH. I mean the kind of guy who is interested in dating truly every type of woman. He likes variety! And somehow I fulfill a very specific niche he's never dated before. It lasts for three weeks max before he's on to the next one.
  7. Guy who wants to kiss constantly
    Does he exist?
  8. 40 something
    I just turned 27. Which means I have three years left before dating a 40 something is just a normal thing to do. I want to experience it while it is still slightly risqué and exciting!
  9. Foreigner
    Speaks for itself.
  10. Undergrad
    Alright alright. Yes, I'm 27 and I want to have a one night stand with a 21 year old. Just one night! You got me, ok?
  11. Stoner
    I have never smoked and am pretty averse to all drugs (I'm also one of those people who views cigarettes as ~drugs~). But, I think it would be fun to have a short fling with someone who is in the haze.
  12. Bisexual
    The dream! I have such an easier time connecting with gay guys than I do straight guys. Maybe a bisexual guy would be my perfect match? Plus the idea of being able to lust over the same celebs/strangers sounds mega appealing.
  13. Giant
    Like NBA player tall. I went to a high school where at 5'7" I was taller than most of the guys there, so I have a bit of complex about wanting to be way shorter than guys.
  14. Silent type
    I talk a lot. And I gravitate towards other people that do too! But maybe I need a guy that just listens to me blab on, and then has the perfect simple thing to say when I'm done.
  15. Long Hair
    Do guys with long hair like having their hair pulled like girls do? Let's find out!
  16. Bald
    Ok, I have a MAJOR thing for bald guys. Young 30 something bald guy with a beard is my ultimate ~type~.
  17. Internet famous
    I would prefer List App or Tumblr famous to Insta or YouTube famous because they seem less superficial (and more realistic).