I'm a social media coordinator at a publishing house and I take great pride into making my cubicle look #cute and #cool.
  1. Here is the full view of the left side
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  2. And here is the full view of the right side
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  3. I got these succulents at Trader Joes and this black hourglass at Target
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    This is an early pic of the succulents. After returning from Christmas vacation they aren't quite this perky anymore.
  4. I used Timeshel to print these photos for my wall
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  5. The left print is a Conan O'Brien quote I found on Society6 (artist name is Nan Lawson) and the right is a One Direction song title I designed and printed. That bobblehead is John Wesley and I use him for work.
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  6. I found this lamp at Target. Having a lamp makes a world of a difference towards making my cubicle feel cozy and like a space of my own.
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  7. Here is my assortment of office supplies. Those tissues are Kleenex Cool Touch brand and I HIGHLY recommend them.
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  8. This is my messy shelf that is out of view from the rest of the office.
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  10. I found these in the dorm room decor clearance section in Target back in September once everyone was already done decorating their dorms.
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  11. These pillows are my favorite items. This first pillow I found on Society6. Artist name is Chad Wys.
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  12. This second pillow I made on Society6. Just a phrase I really like that is often used on Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.
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