All of the names are what shows on my home screen so if you have a hard time finding one in the app store, let me know and I will post a link to it.
  1. Phone Drive
    Turns your iPhone into an easy to use hard drive. If you are blessed enough to have extra storage space on your phone, it's a cool way to store and transfer files. Also, you can unzip files on your phone which is super handy. This app always saves me when I'm not near a computer. It's at the top of my list because it's my MVP.
  2. Robinhood
    If you have even a slight interest in investing in the stock market, Robinhood lets you do it yourself easily and charges no fees.
  3. PopKey
    GIF Keyboard. My favorite one because it lets you upload your own gifs.
  4. Genius Scan
    Lets you take pictures of a document and turns it into a pdf. Handy if you don't have a scanner nearby.
  5. Workflow
    Like a way more involved If This Then That specifically for your phone.
  6. Dark Sky
    Lets you know exactly how much it will rain (or if it will rain) for the next few hours. Pretty accurate.
  7. Pzizz
    A great sound machine for falling asleep. There is also a nap function that will peacefully wake you up. Oh and an option for a man's voice to speak over the sounds, giving you instructions on relaxing (I really enjoy this feature). I use this whenever I'm like, "I need to fall asleep RIGHT NOW."
  8. Clue
    The best period tracking app ever. And it's not covered in flowers and pink. Seriously, everyone who gets a period needs this one.
  9. MagicLiker
    Tacky, but sometimes handy. Do you need a bunch of likes on a certain Instagram post? Let this app know exactly how many.
  10. Bossjock
    I downloaded this to record audio on my phone and iPad. Lots of cool features and doesn't have the time limit that garage band has.
  11. Fliqlo
    Cool looking clock
  12. Retouch
    This is the ultimate app for touching up photos when all you need is the clone or bandaid tool from photoshop.
  13. timeshel
    Subscription service that delivers prints of your photos. It's cheaper to get them printed elsewhere, but this is easy and the prints look great. Plus they print in square format!
  14. DMD Panorama
    I prefer this panorama app to the built in panorama function in the camera app.
  15. Touch Blur
    Great for blurring out a portion of an image (like the phone number on a screenshot of a text you are mocking)
  16. Glitche
    Cool effects on photos, weird gifs
  17. 5sGIF
    Good gif making app that can save gifs in very high quality
  18. Vidstitch
    Like diptic or Layout but for videos
  19. CropVS
    Can add white bars to your horizontal videos so that they are square ready. I used this more when Instagram only allowed square video, but it is still handy.
  20. Rotate & Flip
    Rotates & flips video. Handy when your iPhone didn't recognize you meant to be horizontal or vertical.
  21. Lomotif
    Adds free music clips to short video clips.
  22. Giphy CAM
    Good, very easy gif making app
  23. vClone
    Allows you to record a video with yourself multiplied in the frame.
  24. VHS Cam
    Adds old VHS look to your video
  25. Seene
    Create 3D images. I'm still trying to figure this one out, but I've seen cool stuff come from it.
  26. Breathe
    Meditation app
  27. NeuBible
    Very beautiful bible app. A designer's dream. Also, I recommend paying the extra for the CEB translation.