Definitely let me know which ones you are most interested in. (asterisks indicate lists I've started working on)
  1. Conspiracy theories I'm inclined to believe*
  2. Weirdest online dating messages I've received*
  3. Movie trailers I'm entertained by even though I will never go see that movie
  4. 2015 movies I've loved*
  5. Movies I feel lame for not seeing yet
  6. Most used tags on my tumblr
  7. Favorite tumblr users*
  8. TV I'm excited about right now*
  9. Products I use to get my curly hair under control*
  10. Favorite Trader Joes salads
  11. All of my weird/themed earrings
  12. Artists I really love on Society6
  13. iPhone apps I love that you may not have heard of yet*
  14. Most common misspellings of my last name*
  15. Celeb romances I am very invested in*
  16. Differences between myself now and myself in college
  17. Movie ideas that have come from my dreams*
  18. Pictures of all the gray tee shirts I own
  19. Movies I tend to rewatch every year*
  20. Reoccurring romantic fantasies