1. The Fabulous 50's
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  2. Jazzercise
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  3. dance DISCOTHEQUE
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  4. Provocative Percussion
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  5. QB VII
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  6. T.S. Eliot reading poems and choruses
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  7. Only Love The Brass Ring
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  8. For Lovers Only
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  9. Astrology For Young Lovers
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  10. A New Approach To Jazz Improvisation
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  11. I Like Men!
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  12. The Very Best of The Mom and Dads
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  13. The Mom & Dads 20 Favorite Waltzes
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  14. The Warrior
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  15. Look The World In The Eye
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  16. All Singing. All Talking. All Rocking.
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  17. Beat of Love
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  18. My Name is Barbra
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  19. A Star Is Born
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  20. Butterfly
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  21. Memories Are Made Of This
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  22. Friendly Persuasion
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  23. Somewhere My Love
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  24. The Manhattan Transfer
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  25. Star
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  26. Modern Girls
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  27. Something Wild
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  28. Thoroughly Modern Millie
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  29. No, No, Nanette
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  30. The Cars
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  31. Styx
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