Inspired by @DanaDigsYou
  1. Here's my first one on every account.
    One guy once wrote me saying "I like that you have dark makeup and a bright personality". It was kinda lame, but I also kinda like it.
  2. This is my current haircut (gotta stay current)
  3. My favorite profile picture. I was having a great hair and makeup day. I also kinda like that I look pretty serious here.
  4. Gotta have that full body shot
  5. This is my least favorite picture, but I think it's important to have one photo that you don't love in order to keep things semi realistic.
  6. I was really happy with my Halloween costume this year. Shows off my dedication to pop culture, plus it's a recent full body pic.
  7. I only have this one on Bumble because it think it plays better there.
  8. Same thing, this is a Bumble only photo because it looks better in their vertical format.