I'm going to SXSW Interactive & Film this week! Here are some of the events I am beyond excited for. Let me know what you are looking forward to or what I shouldn't miss!
  1. The Obamas!
  2. Broad City Panel
  3. Everybody Wants Some
    Linklater's new film is screening on opening night! Plus it features my beloved Tyler Hoechlin.
  4. Operator
    I really love Martin Starr in roles outside of his Silicon Valley/Party Down character type. Really looking forward to him leading a film.
  5. My Blind Brother
    I don't need any more info than these three actors.
  6. Don't Think Twice
    Mike Birbiglia's new film about an improv troupe
  7. And Punching The Clown
  8. Miles Ahead
  9. Slash
  10. Keanu
  11. 9 Rides
  12. Fantastic Lies