I got an IUD recently and these are my personal tips. I'm not a doctor. You can read about my insertion experience here: HOW I FELT DURING MY IUD INSERTION
    Find out which one will work best for your body. Learn about the risks and how effective it is. Go into your procedure knowing everything you can.
  2. Go to Planned Parenthood
    Because they are an awesome organization that deserves your support!
  3. Schedule an appointment on a day where you don't have to do anything afterwards
  4. Eat before your appointment
  5. Take water with you
  6. Take your ibuprofen
  7. Bring a friend
    My biggest piece of advice! Having a comforting friend with me made a huge difference. It was great to have someone to chat with during all the waiting times, someone to hold my hand during the scary parts, and someone to help me remember all the things the doctors said.
  8. Buy pads
  9. Prep for a crampy night
  10. Know why you want one and convince yourself that this procedure is totally worth it