1. America's Next Top Model
    I'm heartbroken that this will be the final season, but at least it is going out with a great bunch. Nyle, the first deaf contestant, is blowing the judges away and I'm in love with him. I'm also a huge fan of Lacey and my bet is that she wins the whole thing. I'm hoping Mamet makes it into the top three.
  2. Project Runway
    Always a treasure. The peak of reality tv.
  3. Are You The One?
    This is show that I wish everyone was watching. It's a MTV dating show that sounds lame (it's not) and trashy (it is) but once you start watching it I promise you will be hooked. The premise: 10 girls and 10 guys live in house in Hawaii for the summer with the promise that each person has a predetermined 'perfect match' in the group. If everyone can figure out their correct match by the end of the summer, the group wins a million dollars.
  4. You're The Worst
    This show is killer and a great example of how to make asshole characters seem sweet and romantic.
  5. How To Get Away With Murder
    During the first season, I would end every episode with an "OH SHIT." This season I say "OH SHIT" about every 5 min. Also, the group dynamic just keeps getting better and better.
  6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    I've only seen one episode but I had to watch it twice because I'm so excited. A tv show that has a lot of dark humor and is truly a musical. Don't be scared or mislead by the unfortunate title. This one is going to knock our socks off.
  7. Casual
    I just started this Hulu original series this week. First off, I'm a huge Jason Reitman fan and I'm excited that he's working in television. Secondly, I adore Michaela Watkins and I love that she is leading a dramedy. The strange closeness of the adult siblings at the center of this show isn't so strange to me. I'm a little tired of shows about emotionally unsatisfied rich people, but this one has me hooked.
  8. Quantico
    This show isn't a great as I hoped it would be. If I had never seen How To Get Away With Murder I would probably be completely happy. It has the same timeline flipping device as Murder or Damages, but unlike those two, I'm only really interested in one of the timelines. Also, their idea of what FBI training is like feels very inauthentic. All that being said, I like the cast and seeing adults in a harsh school environment is always fun.
  9. Brooklyn Nine Nine
    Just continues to be great. I love the character choices they continue to make and I love Andy Samberg's face.
  10. Jersey Shore
    I've started rewatching this and I'm reminded of why I fell in love in the first place. Great pratfalls and hilarious quotes. Reality tv showrunners should watch this series and take notes.