I was reading an article about the new DD cream which stands for Daily Defense, it is a new development that joins the ranks of the other two double letter creams: BB cream (or beauty or blemish balm) and CC (colour correcting cream). Here are my suggestions for this double letter cream trend to continue to thrive. You are welcome, marketers!
  1. AA = Acne Aromatizer
    Because having pizza face doesn't mean smelling like one
  2. EE = Elastin Emulsifier
  3. FF = Fragance-Free Firmer
  4. GG = Glycol Generator
  5. HH = Hypodermic Hairnets
    For the lunch lady who owns your heart
  6. II = Intensive Infusions
  7. JJ = Jojoba Juice
  8. KK = Keratin Kreme by the Kardashians
  9. LL = Lactic Lotion
  10. MM = Macrobiotic Moisturizers
  11. NN = Nano Non-comedogenics
  12. OO = Organic Odorizers
  13. PP = Pure Phytocosmetics
  14. QQ = Quintessential Quartzes
    Because new agers also need skin care
  15. RR Retin-A Refiners
  16. SS = Spot Softeners
  17. TT = Tinted Toners
  18. UU = UV Ultralight
  19. VV = Vitamin Vaccines
  20. WW = White Wonder
    Helping "The Other" aka minorities climb the ladder
  21. XX = Xtra Xylochromer
  22. YY = Yellow Yearning
    Solving Hollywood's perpetual problem with yellow face
  23. ZZ = Zesty Zygotes
    for beauty marketers unafraid of moral boundaries