One limited experience although toot toot I have lived here for 23yrs.
  1. Neighborhoods
    Everyone has an opinion on saftey. Walk around at night in different areas- are there street lights? Walk around during the day- are there families? For cheapness I've lived in edgewater and uptown. Ukranian village is also well priced and close to downtown.
  2. Public transit
    Use it, live by it, it's awesome. Redline and blue line are typically the two people live off of blue line can be sketchy night time west side so can redline just know where you're going and don't play on your iPhone.
  3. Check out our parks
    Millennium and Grant park have awesome summer activities
  4. Go out!
    Depends on your jam, Wrigglyville is bro-y and packed during summer games BUT that can be a good way to meet people. Boys town is fun and filled with gay bars! Rivernorth is expensive but worth it for cocktails if you're a baller!
  5. Open mics
    Are you a comedian? No? Still a great way to socialize google open mics chicago, hydrate just dickin around is my favorite!
  6. Museums
    Be a tourist take a date to a museum bc we have some great ones
  7. Workout on lakeshore
    Rent a bike do the lakeshore path
  8. Shows
    Steppenwolf second city IO! Various prices various material all quality.
  9. Coffee shops
    I don't know where you'll be moving but we have a lot of great coffee ships not chains that are awesome to check out. Bakers&nosh, and intellegencia are my favorites.
  10. Grain of salt
    Everyone has their advice on best bar, best neighborhood, whatever. Do it all! Go out for the first few weeks and go to a different place each weekend then find your crowd and meet people.
  11. Oh and walk around
    We walk. It's the way you'll get to know everything best. Tht and the bus. Carry mace and don't be a drunk asshole you'll be perfect!