My name is Catherine I don't like "cat" here's what you can call me if you're in a hurry.
  1. Catherine
    Why does it need to be shorter?
  2. Fairy Princess Sugar Blossom Catherine Callilily
    This is my alter ego at Christmas time I work as a Fairy Princess and we got to pick our names. It's not shorter but it's better!
  3. Sojourner Truth
    I have my earned this nickname but everyone should know how kick ass she is so like look her up.
  4. Sandwiches
    I can't eat them because I'm the worst and have celiac disease FOR REAL. But I love them.
  5. Butter
    Who doesn't like or need butter? Side note I also can't have dairy see I'm the worst.
  6. The worst
    See above.
  7. Not the worst like you
    Not YOU reading the list thank YOU BUT like- you know.
  8. Lambie
    Only if you're my mother.
  9. Miami
    Only if you're my mother texting on autocorrect