I might be partial since I was born and raised here, but whether you are a native or we captured you- if you live here you know shit.
  1. It's not cold unless it's below
    Right now it is 40 degrees in January with windchill it feels like 30s- so who's up for a beach day?
  2. Windchill
  3. Public transportation
    That one redline conductor is the CHEERIEST MOTHER FUCKER and you know he makes not only your commute but also your life better
  4. Christmas time
    The windows, the tree, zoo lights, christkindlmarket
  5. Downers grove is not fucking Chicago
    The city vs the Chicagoland area
  6. Hotdogs
  7. Being born into loving a baseball team
    We are stubborn and loyal
  8. Going out: Wrigglyville vs boystown vs River North
    Wrigglyville: bros in Ts looking to grind; Boystown ladies looking to dance without intercorse; River North corporate bros in button downs
  9. Food of any cuisine
    You can find it all here and most of the time it's done right
  10. Streetwise
    That guy you pass everyday on your way to work. One day you'll buy one.
  11. LSD before and after Belmont
  12. The redline before or after Belmont
  13. Cta bus tracker
  14. Theater
  15. Comedy