Because I'm an actor aka server I usually have one day midweek when all real adults are in the office and can't hangout.
  1. Hit snooze
    I will never not and I'm not sorry
  2. Rewatch old episodes of tv I love
    Currently it's Parks and Rec. I consider it research so it's ok, right?
  3. Make lists
  4. Eat to procrastinate
    How can I clean when I have this whole jar of mayo to eat?
  5. Workout
    Usually I try to coordinate my gym time with Ellen- two birds
  6. Write?
    most of the time I stare and drink too much coffee
  7. Fantasize
    Where/when will I move? Meet Rob Lowe? Seduce Meryl Streep? Trick John Darnielle into singing me to sleep? Lick Chelsea Peretti?