These are thins people should bring to grieving people.
  1. Babies
    Nothing is better than holding a baby at a wake/funeral BRING ME A BABY I want to exploit it's cuteness. PS make it not cry.
  2. Whiskey
  3. Hugs on hugs on tissues on hugs.
  4. Deodorant
    Bring extra we will be hugging lots of people.
  5. Nylons
    Someone in the immediate family will rip hers at or just before the funeral. Have extra for her.
  6. Silliness
    A ridiculous picture or text is always appreciated
  7. Shock
    A shocking picture or text is even better. "OMG is that a butt??"
  8. Quick snacks
    Have some shove in your face chocolate-we won't think of eating and will appreciate it while crying.
  9. Pepto-Bismol
    Preferably in chewable or pill form
  10. Water
  11. Mints
    Mints or strips are great! Not gum then you're stuck chewing while talking, crying, and hugging which is too much multitasking.
  12. A really inappropriate dirty rap song
    Feel the crowd but have it in your back pocket for the drive to/from wake/funeral and/or cemetery.
  13. A listener
    Preferably someone not really close to the person who passed. Just someone to talk to who isn't also grieving.