1. Redline cocktails being made
    Next to me two men are pouring glasses of peach flavored vodka. "Oh peach? You don't like the peach kind? My bad"
  2. Regret part one
    It's May in Chicago so duh it's windy and below 55 degrees... Didn't plan well
  3. Regret part two
    Work at 6am ... Should have taken a cab home... Should have had richer friends,parents,dates, or self to pay for said cab.
  4. Full bladder
    I have one
  5. Hungry
    Sometimes I don't plan...fine I never plan ahead see regret part one
  6. Tipsy
    Turns out if you try to save $$ at dinner and only order drinks two drinks makes ya pretty tipsy
  7. Sadness
    Who isn't
  8. Grateful
    It's Mother's Day tomorrow and my mom is THE FUCKING BEST