Oh hey early-mid 20s - here's a list for you!
  1. Indiana
    No not the Freedom of Religion bullshit... The Purvi Patel sentencing and charges.
  2. Prostitution
    My friend just told me her roommates girlfriend is a prostitute. I mean no judgment but I wanna...?
  3. Love
  4. Religion
    Really Jesus walked on water- literally? And there are golden plates for Joey smith? And a personified force in the sky? Its equally overwhelming to believe or to not.
  5. The weather
    How the fuck does this work? Props that we ever know it's gonna rain before it does Jerry Taft props.
  6. Anything third world
    Aid. Poverty. White people.
  7. Growing up
    I don't wanna/I'm so fucking annoyed I get carded/wait I can't come home and do laundry mom?/when will I be an adult??
  8. Online dating
  9. Kimmy Schmidt
    No I definitely want more Kimmy xoxo mole woman