A brief list from a woman who taught me everyhing.
  1. Don't marry someone much older
    She did& said it doesn't matter at first but then you go to parties& have to leave early!
  2. Dance!
    She loved dancing. Find someone to dance with, or someone who will learn.
  3. Be the boss
    She said she never got to be- she went from her father's house to her husbands, but she made up for it with 16 kids to boss.
  4. Shoes!
    Have them, very many of them
  5. Accessorize
  6. Jewelry from men
    The first piece of jewelry you accept is you engagement ring. You don't want your jewelry to outlive the relationship.
  7. Party
    She loved to party and she knew how. Manhattans were her drink- you go grandma!