I'm moving away and feeling nostalgic so come check these things out because Chicago rocks at doing summer I promise!
  1. Steppenwolf
    It's an obvious recommendation but seriously anything from main stage to garage rep I'm never disappointed
  2. Movies in the park!
    Yes I am jumping the gun, usually best bets are in Grant park and Millennium park and starts may/june
  3. Just Dickin Around
    An open mic/showcase at Hydrate I've fallen in love with! Thursday evenings great group of supportive comics.
  4. Lakeshore Path
    Run, bike, roller blade, scoot... Walk! You have to commit though because once you start there are limited exits off the path!
  5. Unbridled
    It's a fun Thursday night variety burlesque show at Untitled starts at 10/10:30 FREE
  6. IO!
    They have solid shows for as cheap as $5- I personally am loving the Armando Diaz experience.
  7. The Green Mill
    Opened in 1907 awesome for jazz and cocktails
  8. Adler after Dark
    Tickets are only $20 they do it once a month and May 21 is Planetary Prom WHO WANTS TO BE MY DATE! Seriously, it's right by my birthday guys and I want to go before I move!!