Depending on season some of these are appropriate also some of these are more experiencing not seeing.
  1. Steppenwolf
    I've never been disappointed, main stage, downstairs, or garage it's going to be great!
  2. Adler After Dark
    Adler planetarium has late night hours certain dates each month! There is usually jazz and booze involved.
  3. The Green Mill
    It's famous and jazzy and sometimes there's dancing. Win win win.
  4. Movies in the park
    Both Grant park and Millennium are worth checking out during the summer! Millennium park usually has a concert beforehand.
  5. Accidently Like a Writer
    At the Red Orchid, my friend is in it so I might be partial
  6. IO!
    TJ & Dave, and Improvised Shakespeare both consistently solid.
  7. Plastic revolution
    Musical by the New Colony- haven't seen it but they do good shit
  8. Me