This could also be called why my mom is better than yours...but that seemed hostile and perhaps in the wrong spirit
  1. Mom hashtags
    Woke up to a text including #yourestillwonderful&fabulous&talented THANKS MOM
  2. Fuzzy socks
    Mama fitz has bought me a themed pair of fuzzy socks for every holiday. Except president'a day-kinda dropped the ball on that one.
  3. Grandmas
  4. Coffee
  5. Public transportation
    Duh it's awesome it's cheap and it gets me to where I need to go and I pretend to be an environmentalist
  6. Emojis
    💩and people say there's no diversity
  7. Old movies
    Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. No man will ever compare to these gents.
  8. Hugs
    The ones that crush your bones so you know you exist and that matters...if not always, sometimes.