Sometimes a day off in a pink robe is the best remedy to anxiety
  1. Started a new job
    Fado Irish Pub and even though I'm still a waitress I still love being one so suck it
  2. Perspective
    Found a lost kid on a train and that kickass 13yr old gave me some much needed perspective and hilarious one liners!
  3. Celebrated a birthday
    My grandma had her "got 99 problems but livin ain't one" party. She is a baller.
  4. My little cousins
    Monkey in the middle and tickle fights. Enough said.
  5. My mom
    She's starting her own buisness, working full time, and still always answers my calls EVERYTIME.
  6. Family open mics
    My brother started coming to some mics And has started going up too
  7. Amy Poehler
    Just finished her book. Rewatching Parks and Rec