Just because you can't stay mad. Not all day.
  1. Open mics
    It wasn't packed... Wasn't even kinda full, but sometimes 5m can turn your day around.
  2. LA
    I live here! Which is great. It's a love/hate relationship I can appreciate that's it's a pretty cool place though.
  3. Made a friend
    She is a girl. It's new. I'm trying not to be too needy.
  4. On a date!
    With me! I know I like me, and I won't be gross to me later even if I get too drunk ;)
  5. IO! West
    This might be premature BUT got a ticket for the next show spur of the moment. See above.
  6. Twitter battle
    Got into a twitter "war" if you will with a stranger! Exhilarating. Meanwhile it's not a real war and I don't live in Syria.