A rage burns with in me and it's not just because I'm too sweaty and worked too early today...well
  1. Dalai Lama
    It's not a huge surprise the Buddhist leader is a sexist ...Oh wait. YOURE NOT PRETTY so what?! Enlightenment isn't measured in attractiveness. Shut up Mr. Lama
  2. NHL
    Suspend Patrick Kane from training camp. He'll still get paid, not saying he's 100% guilty or innocent.
  3. My apartment
    BEING AN ADULT SUCKS. Cleaning out your fridge and kitchen to fog your apartment with no help is also not great.
  4. My family
    JOKES I love them. Even if my brother doesn't text me back. He's probably not gonna help me fog this place anyway.
  5. New friends
    Making new friends makes me extra sweaty because it's just like trying to get someone to date you...
  6. Donald Trump
    Just always a hot button for anger here.
  7. This weather
    I know it's very silly to be mad at the weather. But how many times do I have to change my underwear? #swass #swagina