A self indulgent list born out of procrastination and boredom
  1. It snowed today
    It's late march I know it's Chicago but I'd really like to retire my 8th grade winter puffy coat and stop looking like a homeless marshmallow.
  2. I'm at work
    Rah rah for employment, but I'm currently at a desk taking reservations for people either going out tonight to party or for date night. And I'm sick of people having love and fun. I might be bitter and self centered.
  3. Bills
    I have them fuck you Sallie Mae
  4. Roommates
    I have them STOP RUINING MY POTS
  5. Taxes
    I have 9 w2s WHAT? Turbotax will be getting a workOUT this year
  6. Season finales
    Anyone have any new shows I can watch?
  7. Moving
    I need to. And I don't know where, or how yet- anyone in LA need a grumpy roommate
  8. I'm selfish
    This list is very selfish boohoo me