Just some of my artwork
  1. This one
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    Painted this sophomore & junior year of college. Was definitely not inspired by my first time trying peyote...
  2. This one
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    Painted this senior year of high school for my then girlfriend. Three years ago, I met back up with said girlfriend and now we're getting married...
  3. A different one
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    Obviously that cat painting is way too high of art for the Louvre.
  4. These, like the one above
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  5. Photoshop
    9e5b482e 8a18 4d5d 874a c2dcb8f54f61
    If I sold anything, this should be my merch that I sell at shows.
  6. Photoshop from my phone
    B6029496 6e44 46a1 b7cb 8af3f56dad4b
  7. Lazy Jesus
    Fbc5de7f f4ac 4a3c a867 0ffe6f68e3a1
  8. These
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  9. These too
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  10. Our Save The Date
    8846a5d0 5083 40ee a9d5 d2f8e0e4b43b
  11. Me & BAE
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  12. Sculpture
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