I only like to read stuff that doesn't make me feel like I'm doing homework
  1. Kurt Vonnegut
    I dare you to pick up Cat's Cradle & not finish it
  2. Hunter S. Thompson
    Can make politics appealing to even the most apathetic
  3. Anthony Bourdain
    Like food pics on Instagram in words
  4. Bob Zmuda
    Knows more about Andy Kaufman than anyone else alive
  5. Tom Wolfe
    I've only read Electric Kool Aid Acid Test of his and need recommendations of what book of his to read next
  6. Any artist/comedian/musician's autobiography
    If they're not too pretentious, they make their ghost writer portray their lives interestingly, but also easy to read
  7. Woody Allen & Steve Martin
    Funny prose & great story telling
  8. Howard Zinn
    Just kidding. His work is dense as a cinder block, but super interesting nonetheless