Any words of wisdom are more than welcomed...
  1. Getting scammed/upsold/robbed
    I don't want to have to argue with a hotel or a cab driver. The thought of this really stresses me out. Even worse, getting mugged or getting my shit stolen. It's never about what's stolen, it's the feeling of helplessness and invasion.
  2. Getting sick
    I do not have the strongest stomach. I wonder if there's anything possible I can do to keep from being ill the entire time?
  3. Getting drugs
    Is there any non-nefarious way to find opium? I've already given up on this.
  4. Getting service
    What do I do about my phone? Do I need a special adapter to charge it?
  5. Baggage
    Do I pack light or bring everything I think I'll need?
  6. The heat & humidity
    Both things make me cranky. How do I deal?
  7. Lobster
    I want to eat shrimp & lobster everyday because I presume it'll be cheap. Will I be able to?
  8. Instagram
    Whether or not it's hack or insta Thailand
    Suggested by @CarlosHerrera