Suggestions please!
  1. Anderson Cooper
    Doesn't he seem so right?
  2. Blake Griffin
    Inevitable. He'll be on here & it'll be the text version of him dunking on Timofey Mozgov
  3. Don Rickles
    "Funniest words I've used for Korean people"
  4. Jaleel White
    "Family Matters most tense moments, Ranked!"
  5. George Brett
    "Times I shit my pants, ranked"
  6. Kim K
    Once List App goes mainstream. It's sad, but she is just a permanent fixture in the zeitgeist for the foreseeable future.
  7. Elon Musk
    Imagine him bringing to lists what he brought to sustainable energies
  8. Banksy
    "Scariest places in the world to paint graffiti" "run-ins with the law, ranked" "Family members most likely to out me"
  9. Oscar De La Hoya
    Just to see if boxers remember anything
  10. Charles Barkley
    "Top 19 times I almost got a DUI before actually getting one" "Players that hit my nuts every time we competed so dunked on them" "Sports broadcasters w/the Worst B.O., ranked"
  11. Heidi Fleiss
  12. Warren Sapp
    "Times I didn't get caught with hookers" "What I learned in those court order prostitution classes, ranked"
  13. Jackée Harry
    "Oh-kayyyyyyyys, ranked"
  14. Scott Baio
    To list all the 80s starlets he has been with and bad boy stuff he did with Willie Ames before that dude found religion
  15. J-Lo
    "All the people on Twitter she Jenny-from-the-BLOCKED"
  16. Prince
    Mysterious man finally found his outlet (other than his music)
  17. Kim Jong Un
    I think this is the app that helps us get him to open up
  18. Norman Lear
    "Sitcom theme songs, ranked" "Yiddish slurs I know, but never wrote into a TV script"
  19. Alan Covert
    Just for some insight into what happened to Sandler's creative process between The Wedding Singer and Jack & Jill
  20. John Lithgow
    Imagine the lists! Sophisticated lists!
  21. Christopher Lloyd
    Doc from Back To Future. He has lists inside dying to get out.