I grew up in the Metro Detroit area. To everyone outside of Michigan, I grew up in Detroit, but that's not really true. Looking for suggestions from @GoGoGorosh and @aaronkaczander
  1. I grew up in West Bloomfield, MI
    It's like Encino is to Downtown LA or Westchester to Manhattan. It's a suburb of Oakland county. Detroit is in Wayne county. With Macomb County - the three are considered the tri-county area. Pretty interesting stuff.
  2. Better pizza than Chicago
    Its square deep-dish with cheese baked into the crust. Try Buddy's or Louie's Pizza. Honestly the best in the world.
  3. Coney Island Hot Dogs
    Despite the location in Brooklyn, Coney Island hot dogs are a Detroit area staple. Best chili dogs in the world are in downtown Detroit at Lafeyette Coney Island, open 24 hours
  4. Everyone between ages 19-20 goes to Windsor to drink & gamble
    If that's your thing
  5. Best middle eastern food outside of Middle East
    Dearborn, MI has the highest population of Arabs outside of where they originally come from. They brought their family recipes.
  6. Greektown is a pretty neat place
    Downtown Detroit but Greek, as well as middle eastern culture has spilled out all over the metro Detroit area due to high populations of both ethnicities. Both have incredible Mediterranean cuisines well represented.
  7. Despite the diversity, everyone is pretty racist
    And it's oddly accepted by all (on an unspoken basis). When was the last national story of racial injustice taking place in Detroit? It happens, but no one makes a big deal about it. Maybe it's my parents' and their parents' generations' casual racism or maybe Detroit is post-racial. Who the fuck knows? Just know if you ever hear someone from Detroit call someone a "Canadian" they aren't referring to our neighbors from the north.
  8. People who grew up in my suburb & the ones nearby remain unreasonably close
    Half the people I grew up with - moved out of MI and the other half stayed. Plenty of people I know have their high school clique in tact, whether they live in NYC or Chicago or Detroit. I thought this was somewhat normal, but my comic friends have informed me otherwise.
  9. The Lakes in the summer are incredible
    I feel bad for you if you didn't grow up going tubing, water skiing & riding jet skis. It's not about your own family owning boats or lake front property, but having friends or an uncle that does will make your childhood summers the fucking best.
  10. Winter is pretty awful, but you don't realize just how bad until you move away & go back
    I can't imagine having to wake up that much earlier just to preheat & de-ice my car.
  11. The transportation situation in Detroit is very similar to LA
    Both are automobile towns
  12. Sliders
    Go to Greene's, Hunter House or Green Dot Stables. Best in the world.
  13. Eastern Market
    First and largest farmers market in the country. My sister just got her first job out of college there.
  14. Boredom breeds creativity
    Lots of people from my boring suburb of Detroit turned out really funny/creative/successful bc we were left to our own devices. @GoGoGorosh has video proof.
  15. Lots of Jews & Arabs mixing it up together
    How could Detroit seem even better? Make it more like the Middle East!
  16. Strong Jewish community
    So much gossip, competition & self importance. Chief reasons I left.
  17. Detroit's music scene is dope
    Since the Motown years and still today, Detroit has always had a very active music scene. Whether you're into jazz, hip hop or death metal, there are always cool shows and festivals coming up.
    Suggested by @GoGoGorosh
  18. Up north is also dope
    The farther north you go in Michigan, the prettier is gets.
    Suggested by @GoGoGorosh
  19. No one knows what Chaldeans are outside of Metro Detroit
    Christian/catholic Iraqis, oppressed & forced to leave Iraq. They're culturally very similar to Armenians in LA