I'm at an Elephant Nature Park in Thailand learning about & chilling with elephants. This is a rescue for abused & injured animals. Not a spot for tourists to ride these magnificent animals, but still think that'd be fun, yet never will do it. Rent a scooter instead.
  1. They are delicate, gentle & sensitive, like giant dirty Sam Smiths
  2. They need to eat constantly all day, errrday
  3. They throw mud on themselves to cool it down & use as sunblock
  4. Really cute from behind
  5. Sweet & gentle but possess great power if you piss them off. Like that teacher you liked in school until one day all these annoying kids became too much for them
  6. They kick it with dogs
  7. Abused by humans for logging
  8. Abused by humans for begging from tourists
  9. Abuses by humans for elephant rides
  10. Killed by humans for Ivory
  11. Killed by humans for bones to make medicine
  12. They actually have incredible memory
  13. They hang out in cliques like its high school all the time
  14. Male elephants get aggressive, especially against menopausal female elephants by throwing their poop & rocks at them with their trunks.
  15. Land mines in Asia blow their feet off
  16. They eat watermelon, pumpkin, corn & cucumbers
  17. Massive dumps... Good for farming
  18. They support each other in times of grief.
    A pregnant elephant delivered a stillborn baby yesterday & all the elephants have banded together to show it support.