The NBA wants to be a year-round league. Once free agency is over in late July, traction over basketball hits a lull. The NBA depends on hype & these story lines.
  1. Kobe Sets Out To Lead League In Assists
  2. Lebron Demands Bigger Contract So He Can Afford CGI On His Hairline For Every National Broadcast
  3. Rihanna To Hold Training Camp For Remaining NBA Free Agents
  4. Brian Scalabrine To Be Contestant On The Bachelorette
  5. Dwight Howard Signs First Ever Endorsement Deal With Haribo; Eats Gummy Replica Of Self
  6. Rockets Explore Cloning James Harden
  7. Kobe "Aggregates" Michael Jordan's Game
  8. Dennis Rodman Inks Deal To Star In Reality Show Based On Juwanna Man
  9. Donald Sterling Enters Police Academy
  10. JR Smith To Launch His Own Music Festival
  11. Harlem Globetrotters Hoarding Cap Space In Hopes To Sign Kevin Durant in '16
  12. Kawhi Leonard Predicted To Lead League In "Aggregates"
  13. Skip Bayless Suspended After He Calls Magic Johnson "The AIDS Monkey"
  14. Gred Oden Signs In China Due To Promise Of Bionic Legs
  15. Marc Cuban Apologizes For "Indian Giver" Comment
  16. Chris Paul Cited In Hit-And-Run, Ironically Isn't Insured.
  17. Nick Young Buys Paintball Gun So He Can Shoot More
  18. Charles Barkley Mistakes Stan Van Gundy For Fat Jew