I had quit smoking marijuana, but recently have indulged a little. Here are the weird things I've found myself thinking:
  1. Men spend much of our lives watching liquids leaving our genitals
  2. Do religions that believe in reincarnation have an easier time killing people/committing suicide?
  3. If reincarnation was absolutely 100% real, it wouldn't be a big deal to kill yourself
  4. Realized why love is important
    If we didn't love then we wouldn't feel compassion and with no compassion we wouldn't value life as much and if we didn't value life everyone would just around killing each other more than we already do
  5. Why is House music named after the place where we have sanctuary? - it's the opposite of that
  6. Some House music isn't bad
  7. Why can't there just be a universal world language?
    Is that what English is trying to be or is it the will/British colonization of the western world?
  8. Trying to remember what SINE, COSINE & TANGENT mean in the scheme of the world
    I can't remember how they even apply to math.
  9. Did Caitlyn become Caitlyn to avoid prosecution?
  10. Our bones GROW.
    Suggested by @film114