The most common tangible pollution I see around town. The people who just don't give a fuck seem to be having a good time trashing their environment. Certain items perplex me though...
  1. A single shoe
    Not hanging from the telephone wires. I like to make up the stories behind all the single shoes I see left behind on the street or near the freeway on-ramp
  2. Empty medical marijuana containers
  3. Discarded condom wrappers
  4. Empty minibar sized liquor bottles
  5. Fast food condiment packets
  6. Vegetables
    I often see bunches of rotting vegetables dumped into flower beds on my street and the result is more insects, which is so great.
  7. Pennies
    I've had homeless people asking me for change turn me down when I offer them pennies. One time I gave a homeless guy a handful of pennies and walked away, he threw them at me when my back was turned.
  8. Tube TVs
    Just call 311 (not the band)
  9. "We Buy Junk Cars" business cards