With help from @nathanrossi
  1. Sell my Snowboard
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    @nathanrossi is helping me sell stuff online.
  2. Visit @list offices
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    Is there a position in the mailroom open?
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    Does anyone need an assistant? I'm looking to quit comedy and get into the assistant game.
  4. Get Xanax for trip to be around family for thanksgiving
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    Not just for flying...
  5. Have @nathanrossi get in touch with his friend who works for the Los Angeles Clippers
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    If I could get a job in the NBA, quitting comedy would not even be a regret.
  6. Go back to that thrift shop, put in application and buy timberland boots
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    @nathanrossi go do that before 8 pm tonight so we can get under the radar stuff and sell it.
  7. Eat at Komodo regularly
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  8. Move into the Apartment I was supposed already be living in since November 1st
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  9. Scorn all who have been unreliable/rejected me
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    By way of my own success, hopefully in the NBA and not comedy, but will accept success in comedy too.