List of Items and Things That Will Help Me Reach Emotional and Financial Stability

With help from @nathanrossi
  1. Sell my Snowboard
    @nathanrossi is helping me sell stuff online.
  2. Visit @list offices
    Is there a position in the mailroom open?
  3. Does anyone need an assistant? I'm looking to quit comedy and get into the assistant game.
  4. Get Xanax for trip to be around family for thanksgiving
    Not just for flying...
  5. Have @nathanrossi get in touch with his friend who works for the Los Angeles Clippers
    If I could get a job in the NBA, quitting comedy would not even be a regret.
  6. Go back to that thrift shop, put in application and buy timberland boots
    @nathanrossi go do that before 8 pm tonight so we can get under the radar stuff and sell it.
  7. Eat at Komodo regularly
  8. Move into the Apartment I was supposed already be living in since November 1st
  9. Scorn all who have been unreliable/rejected me
    By way of my own success, hopefully in the NBA and not comedy, but will accept success in comedy too.