Can't go wrong with pretty much any Japanese restaurant in this part of town, but these are the best ones. Expect to wait a little while to eat at any of these places, but there's plenty of cool stuff to walk by/see as you wait.
  1. Daikokuya
    Exceptional Ramen, even better sashimi bowls & underrated salad/salad dressing. Expect a wait.
  2. Marugame Monzo
    Udon noodles. I'm huge fan of ramen & only discovered this place bc I was sick of waiting at the ramen place. I almost like udon as much, if not more than ramen now. This place is the tops.
  3. Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata
    Another ramen spot. So good. Ramen for the more healthy conscious bc you can choose/control how much oil & other ingredients are included in your meal. More extensive options of what you can add AND they have sesame seed shakers at every table.
  4. Sushi Gen
    Simply one of the best sushi spots in LA/the world.
  5. Shabu-Shabu House
    There's a ton of shabu shabu places, but go to this one if you aren't sure which spot is the best.
  6. Demitasse Coffee
    Best hot chocolate ever. Fantastic coffee.
  7. Mikawaya
    Mochi & ice cream. Very solid.