I've lived on the east side of LA for 6 years now in various spots (Los Feliz, Atwater Village, Silverlake & Echo Park). This is the area I'm focusing on. DTLA is its own thing & I don't know Highland Park/Eagle Rock too well. I'm not a foodie. I'm a fatty.
  1. Sqirl
    Super trendy, yes, but it's busy for a reason. Best brunch. Best pastries. Crispy rice salad alone is reason to wait. Avoid the weekend there. Virgil Village
  2. Taco Zone
    Von's parking lot on Alvarado after 9 pm. Favorite taco truck in LA. Get suadero mulitas, well done. Avocado salsa is the best. You can't go wrong getting anything there, except maybe tripe Echo Park
  3. El Matador
    Second favorite taco truck in town. Might be higher quality than T-Zone, but different style & vibe. Get al pastor tacos with avocado or an asada torta. Jarritos & good drink selections. E. Hollywood
  4. Homestate
    Breakfast tacos & queso dip with the works. Enough said. Los Feliz
  5. Little Dom's
    Another trendy place, but go on a weekday for brunch. No one touches their potatoes/breakfast pizza/pancakes/french toast soufflé. Get any breakfast item there. I have. For coffee drink, try the Gibraltar; you'll thank me. Los Feliz
  6. Dune
    A unique (California style) take on Middle eastern food. Go there if you are into that sort of thing or just love garlic. Atwater Village
  7. Proof Bakery
    Best coffee & pastries. Atwater Village
  8. Masa
    Mussels & fries. Chicago style pizza. Great salads Echo Park
  9. Black Hogg
    Popcorn Bacon. Bone Marrow Burger. Great atmosphere. Silverlake
  10. The Fix
    Only if you love burgers. Silverlake
  11. Langer's
    Arguably the best Jewish deli. #19 Closes before 4 pm MacArthur Park
  12. Silverlake Farmer's Market Pupusas
    Tuesday afternoons & Saturday mornings. Best Pupusas. She also goes to the Echo Park & Atwater Village farmers markets.
  13. Jitlada
    Most eclectic & unique/obscure selection of Thai & southern Thai cuisine. Get your G.I. meds ready. Get the green mussels & crying tiger beef. Thaitown
  14. Night Market Song
    Try anything there. Anything. Silverlake
  15. Sapp's Coffee Shop
    Great Thai noodle dishes Thaitown
  16. L & E Oyster Bar
    Delicious Seafood & onion rings. And ugh, oysters... if that's what you're into Silverlake
  17. Mess Hall
    Good not great. Tuesday's they have 1$ oysters & the burger there is great
  18. Silverlake Ramen
    Trendy. Expect to wait & feel uncomfortable listening to the conversation of the people you're waiting around. I'd say get take out from here, but be prepared to wait just as long for that. Silverlake
  19. Knuckle & Claw
    Lobster Rolls!!!!!!! Expensive for the portions, but it's lobster, so delicious. They ship it in from Maine. Avoid the temptation of the shrimp roll. Try the crab too. Silverlake
  20. Ramen Burger
    A window on Vermont at 3rd. The ramen bun is incredible. Great fries.
  21. Hugo's Tacos
    Get the nachos Atwater Village
  22. Papa Christos
    Best Greek food I've had in LA. Also has a great little market. Pico Union
  23. Molcajetes
    Pupusas. Cheap & good, but take a minute to freshly cook. Echo Park
  24. Astro Diner
    Great classic diner. No frills but solid food. 24 Hr. Silverlake
  25. Home
    Go for breakfast/brunch. Great fries too. Los Feliz & Atwater Village
  26. Muddy Paw
    Coffee & its great & a cool patio. They donate money to animal shelters. Silverlake
  27. Millie's
    Classic breakfast spot. Silverlake
  28. Diablo's
    Couldn't eat here until they dropped the "urban taco fabricator" moniker. Great tacos & even better nachos. Great place to watch sports & play board games. Silverlake
  29. Sidewalk cafe
    A chill Mediterranean spot Los Feliz
  30. Fred 62
    For late nights only. Great hashbrowns & breakfast sandwiches Los Feliz.
  31. Chi Dynasty
    Excellent Chinese food! Get sesame chicken or orange chicken, sizzling beef & scallops, sizzling rice soup and tea smoked duck. Better at the restaurant than delivered. Los Feliz
  32. Palace
    Solid old school east coast style Chinese food Los Feliz
  33. Jay's Bar
    Great Burgers Silverlake
  34. Bulan
    Vegetarian/vegan Thai food. Super good even if you eat meat. Silverlake
  35. Galco's Soda Pop Stop & No Name Pho
    Suggested by @LuBlodg
  36. Barbrix and All' Acqua
    Owned by the same people. One on Hyperion, the other on Glendale in Atwater. Both very good. Pasta and cocktails at All' Acqua are great.
    Suggested by @erinwhitehead
  37. Speranza
    Italian place on Hyperion. No sign and menu isn't online but it has orange siding and is very intimate and charming.
    Suggested by @sam
  38. Cha Cha Cha
    Virgil n melrose- best happy hour in the city. Old LA charm. Great cheap drinks and Caribbean food.
    Suggested by @qfwfq
  39. Yuca's
    This is the one glaring omission on this list. It's a tiny shack in a liquor store parking lot across from Albertson's on Hillhurst. And it has a James Beard award. Tamales on Saturday. De. Lish.
    Suggested by @stevensodeyburp
  40. Casito del campo
    Campy Tex Mex so good!
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  41. Kitchen Mouse
    Vegan, tiny cafe. Amazing pancakes! They do non vegan catering too
    Suggested by @jujujerni
  42. Sage
    Vegan food but super delicious. Buffalo cauliflower if you can get it. Celeb hot spot. Echo Park.