1. Watching my niece
    I make her laugh when her parents are around, but if they're not in eye shot - lots of crying
  2. Watching HGTV
    The Testimonials on these reality are the best: "that wall paper is so 2000-late"
  3. Got BBQ dinner delivered
    And an intense story about BBQ sauce
  4. Went to the suburbs for a family dinner
  5. Was presented with fancy charcuterie, beers & liquor
  6. Talked nap schedules with young moms
  7. Golf on TV
    All people talk about is golf & their kids' nap schedules
  8. Ate brie cheese for lunch
    And just Brie cheese
  9. Order cold brew coffee but got iced coffee
    From a place that actually had cold brew, but ran out so they lied to me thinking I wouldn't know the difference. I got in a fight with the manager after he suggested I get an iced Americano. I eventually got my money back.
  10. Went to a bar that was like a house party
  11. Hung out right next to the a/c vents everywhere I went