1. Standing in line
    By far, the worst activity a person living in the first world ever has to do. I'll forego places & things I yearn for if it means having to stand in line.
  2. Flakes
    I have friends who are very interesting or fun or cool who I just refuse to make plans with anymore because they always reschedule/show up late/don't show out of their own genuine irresponsibility. Excruciating.
  3. Traffic
    This is also a (2nd and) 3rd world problem & much worse there, but come on, I have fucking places I could be laying down at instead of in my car where I'm in control of the climate & music. Drive like you have somewhere you could be laying down too.
  4. Walking behind someone slow or who stops.
    Self explanatory
  5. Crowds
    There's strength in numbers and what usually gets stronger is the occurrence of people who are inconsiderate, rude, smelly or just plain obnoxious.
  6. Bad cellphone reception.
    Only if it's an important call. The worst when you have to wait & don't get a strong enough signal to fuck around on your phone with games, info & social media. Sometimes bad reception can save you from a painful conversation.
  7. Trapped in a bad conversation with an undesirable person.
    Self explanatory. Thinking of writing a book of "outs" specifically for when this occurs.
  8. Waiting (for anything)
  9. When you expect an Amazon order on a certain day & it doesn't show up then you go out of town.
  10. Getting trapped in a conversation with an undesirable person while you're waiting in line in a location with bad cellphone reception as you wait for a flakey friend to meet up with you.
  11. Being overcharged.
    Fees from companies who know most people pay their bills without paying attention. Having to call to get them taken off; there should be a reward for catching these scams. Cellphone companies should make it a sweepstakes. "Catch Our Fraudulent Fees On Your Next Bill & Win The Next iPhone!"
  12. Calling customer service.
    It's not the operators fault the company sucks, but it's their job to be verbally abused. Plus they're not always accommodating so maybe they deserve being called the worst words a human can be called.
  13. The wifi is out when you have people over trying to stream a movie
    Come on, I pay for this shit. Never not work.
  14. Lack of climate control
    Nobody's cool with getting sweaty unless they're under voluntary physically duress. Being cold is no picnic either.