Reasons I Probably Won't Quit Stand Up

My dream is to give up on my dreams
  1. I genuinely enjoy being on stage & making people laugh.
  2. Been doing it too long to stop
    It's been 9+ years and as discouraged as I am at the moment, it's as hard to quit as it was to begin.
  3. What the fuck else could I even do?
    I try to brainstorm other career paths and I draw a blank. It's very frustrating to not have a plan B. Will be more focused on coming up with a backup plan...
  4. Embarrassing to have to explain to family and friends that I gave up and why.
  5. Not seeing this through would be a major regret for the rest of my life.
  6. I'm funny
    Maybe not on List App, but check out my stuff in Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I'm proud of some of it. Maybe it all sucks, IDK....
  7. I have a wonderful wife who believes in me and supports me
    Who knows if I'd still be doing this if it weren't for her support?
  8. I love laughing
    I rarely do it while watching other comics on stage, but lots of laughs behind the scenes.
  9. I realize it's a test of perseverance.
    All I have to do is keep doing it, but how long do I have to put up with being treated like such a fuck boi?
  10. Flexible schedule
    And right now it's as flexible as the elastic band on the sweatpants I'm really into wearing to comfort me in trying times.
  11. Travel takes you places you otherwise wouldn't go
  12. It's fun
    And to think I could possibly get rich doing it one day....