I recently got turned down for something I easily should've gotten and am really starting to question what my future holds.
  1. Funny doesn't get rewarded
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    Good looking, diverse, gimmicks & mild/inoffensive/mundane will always win out.
  2. Don't want to have to cater to an certain audience or pander to be marketable
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  3. Worthwhile paying work is too inconsistent
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  4. Awful people get ahead and are rewarded for their deplorable behavior and personalities.
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  5. Garners the least amount of respect of any other medium in entertainment.
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    Chris Rock once said something to the effect of "you never hear about a director doing open mics bc he doesn't want to be known as 'just a director'"
  6. Sick of hearing "it's a marathon, not a sprint"
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    If that's the case, I've ran a half marathon and have yet to experience anything close to "runner's euphoria"
  7. It's the only thing I'm genuinely good at, but that is not even good enough.
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  8. Maybe I'm just not good at "the game"
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    "Be nice to [X awful person who has been nothing but horrible to you & aren't funny], they're going places..."
  9. No respect. No validation.
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    "You're last (on a 3 hour show...)" "We got you going first (because we don't believe in you enough to maintain the momentum of the show once it gets going..." In this business, validation comes in the form of being hired and I haven't in a long time.
  10. Sick of being poor
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  11. I have a healthy social life outside of the comedy community.
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  12. Sick of the drama.
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    Been fucked over and caught in the middle of friends fucking each other over more than I've been hired to do anything On Screen
  13. Hard to trust friends met while doing comedy.
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  14. Vulnerability being a good thing is a lie
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    Lots of great art shows the artist's vulnerability on full display, but comedy is a medium where the vulnerable will be taken advantage of
  15. What's the point?
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    Vine, YouTube & Instagram celebrities are causing stand up comics making money acting in commercials, tv shows & movies obsolete.
  16. Sometimes the only enjoyable moments are when you're on stage and everything else is excruciating
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