Not every sick kid is a good person
  1. Turning a city into Gotham so the terminally ill kid can taunt everyone as the Joker
  2. Printing & blowing up a nude sext pic an ex sent you & it goes up at the MoMA. Regarded as most important art of a generation.
  3. A stage 4 cancer suffering black teen getting to severely beat the white cops involved in murders of unarmed black teens
  4. Doing stand up comedy with no language restrictions & nobody shame blogs about it
  5. Getting to pretend to be trans to sneak into the opposite sex's locker room
  6. Throwing rocks laced with whatever disease the kid has at Justin Bieber in hope of infecting him too
  7. Getting to do stand up comedy at the Comedy Cellar, but also getting stab any hecklers
  8. Getting the hook up on quualudes from Bill Cosby, but for personal use only
  9. Getting to be a nightly news anchor with no language restrictions & nobody shame blogs about it
  10. Watch a white nemesis do a TED talk at the Apollo about the N-word. No security.
  11. Go to Iran disguised as Biff & give their president uranium
  12. Getting to dunk a basketball over Kim Jong Un. Getting to dunk a donut over Charles Barkley.
  13. Make Sinead O'Connor do a private duet for the Kardashian family after Sinead repeats her comments re: Kim on cover of Rolling Stone
  14. Hospital room is Underground Railroad for modern day human trafficking.