Am I the only one who wakes up with injuries from sleeping sometimes? Here a few:
  1. Sore jaw
    Not sure if I'm clenching or its because my jaw is off the pillow for part of the night, but sometimes I wake up & it feels like my jaw has come unaligned.
  2. Stiff neck
    Pretty sure this one is very common. How is there not a company that personalized pillows to individuals based on their sleep position?
  3. Sprained wrist
    From sleeping with my hand hanging off the bed or did someone break into my place & hyperextend my arm while I was sleeping?
  4. Stiff legs
    Imagine a bed that promotes blood circulation. Technology already innovates to enable laziness. Let's take it to the next level.
  5. Fatigue
    Sleep too little & wake up tired. Sleep too much & wake up tired. I sleep with a cup of coffee on my nightstand that I have to drink after I hit snooze.
  6. Sore hips
    Firm beds are the worst. They make me toss & turn more. I'm a memory foam guy.
  7. Nose bleed
    I don't do cocaine, just have really bad sinuses.